About Tyrant Watch

We’re in a new era.  It’s one where “journalists,” and bloggers will do anything for ratings.  It’s one where talk show hosts spout off stuff without knowledge to appease their handlers.  Lies.  Half-truths.  Spins.  Embellishments.   The magic show has begun, and they’re on stage pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Who are these performers?  They originate from mainstream media and alternative media outlets alike;  they feed you things you want to hear, slowly seducing you into their dark web.

And that’s why I started this blog.  These “media magicians” can no longer work their “magic”;  so long as this blog is running, they’ll be held accountable. We fact check and analyze their segments;  scrutinizing what they say and do. We investigate their political ties and history;  we call out their asinine jokes so they know we aren’t laughing “with” them;  and we take the spin and straighten it out.  When all is said and done, they’re left naked on stage:  no hat, rabbit, or clothes.  Exposed.

Let me make one thing clear:  this blog is more than just a fact checker.  We look to the underlying motivation behind the reasons for the spin and lies.  Sometimes it’s not enough to address the lies, so you scratch beneath the surface.  (It’s like taking a pill to feel better, without addressing the underlying issue.)  Only then can we really expose the tyrants and their agenda.

This site doesn’t have a staff of a dozen people;  it’s just me.  As a freelance writer/editor with a background in investigations, I try to dig deep through tireless research to get the facts.  A little common sense, education, research, and perseverance can go a long way in helping scratch beneath the surface. My passion is the news, and as a consumer of such (just like yourself), there’s nothing more infuriating and insulting than some of these performers masquerading as “journalists.”








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