While in isolation, Kimmel’s been recording a series of minimonologues that are condescending and childish. His “show” starts with a collage of sketches from his kids and ends with a request to raise money for a fundraiser to help feed starving children.

But despite this genial fascade, the monologue is peppered with crude and sarcastic jokes that get their weight from resentment. He refers to those who call the Coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” as an “army of imbeciles.” In addition, he says that those who approve of Trump’s handling of China’s coronavirus must be the same people who approve of the ending to the movie “Thelma and Louis.” (By the way, the ending has a 98% approval if YouTube is any indicator.) And he even draws a Hitler mustache or a combover (or both) on a “Where’s Waldo” character to insinuate that Trump and Hitler are alike.

Kimmel, in my opinion, should stick with comedy. And the children’s sketches, as well as his helping raise money for a fundraiser, don’t excuse his incendiary remarks.